Our team

  • Jonny Breeze

    Jonny Breeze specialises in black and grey geometric dotwork patterns inspired by cultures all over the world.

IMG 2357 pdf - Biffinx
  • Biffinx


    Biff specialises in black and grey illustrative pieces, taking lots of inspiration from protest art and nature.

IMG 2582 500x500 - Richie Phoe
  • Richie Phoe

    Richie Phoe

    Richie Phoe is our resident hand poke artist. His designs draw inspiration from cartoons, fine art and every day life. His deconstructed single line forms sensitively and concisely articulate the subject with charming efficacy.

IMG 4920 scaled - Hartless Tattoo
  • Hartless TattooArtist

    Hartless Tattoo

    Hartless tattoo recreates classic tattoo designs from the early 20th century using modern techniques and apparatus. He scours historic tattoo books for inspiration for his bold, traditional style pieces.

IMG 2581 500x500 - Sammy Hellride
  • Sammy Hellride

    Sammy Hellride draws inspiration from old 90’s tattoo magazines and traditional biker style tattoos. He’s a prolific draughtsman and painter; creating original artworks that translate into rad tattoo designs.

241225791 587538375750674 8785775054736540133 n 500x500 - Gerry Carnelly 12-14th Oct
  • Gerry Carnelly 12-14th Oct

    Gerry Carnelly

    12-14th October

    Based in Octopus tattoo, Derby, UK. Tattoo artist since 1997, biomech specialist, fine specimen of Northern curmudgeonliness.

    For bookings contact:


241671965 574688013976103 2105676784563137427 n 500x500 - Saint Molotov 8-13th November
  • Saint Molotov 8-13th November

    Saint Molotov

    8-13th November

    Regular guest!

    Saint Molotov found his roots in tattoo culture when he became part of the Trojan Skin movement in France when still at school. Through the support of his tattooer friends, he took the step to taking his graphical drawings onto the body, and now works in a style influence by mysticism and occultism, among a range of religious references.

    For bookings contact:


Tattoo by Paula Castle. Guest artist at Brighton tattoo studio, Dead Slow
  • Paula Castle

    Paula Castle

    Full colour pop culture tattoos from our friend and regular guest artist, Paula Castle from Black Sheep Tattoo in Bristol. They’re hosting Fuckinghellkirst and Hartless Tattoo in Bristol in November. Keep an eye on their social media to stay updated on future guest spots here at Dead Slow.

handpoked tattoo by Prisonstyletattoo. Guest artist at Brighton tattoo studio, Dead Slow
  • Prisonstyle Tattoo 27-30 May 2021

    Prisonstyle Tattoo

    Tim is a regular guest and friend of the studio. Check his social media to keep updated on his visits.

16906478 179007925924968 5648680823797317632 n 500x500 - Jack Applegate
  • Jack Applegate

    Jack Applegate

    Jack is confident in custom tattoos of all styles. His diary is currently open. If you’d like to book a free consultation and discuss your tattoo ideas, get in touch.